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Leisure Car Rental has a fleet of late model cars, all clean and well maintained. Our location is within walking distance to the airport terminal. Our business model focuses on customer satisfaction throughout their rental experience.

Leisure Car Rental provides late model, clean, well-maintained vehicles of all categories on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten - St-Martin. What sets us apart is our focus on customer satisfaction: this is how we built this company!

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We don't have an airport booth. Why not? Because we are at the airport, within easy walking distance from the parking lot. Even better: With our VIP Meet & Greet, you will be on the road in no time after your arrival on Sint Maarten.

Go ahead now: Check out our no-nonsense rates, where no surprises will occur.

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Latest News: Leisure Car Rental Wins 2020 Awards 

Leisure did it again: Leisure Car Rental won the WTA awards as Best St. Maarten and St-Martin Car Rental Company for 2020, as they consistently did since 2016. The prestigious award is also called 'the Oscar of the travel industry'. READ MORE HERE >>>

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Where are the Tourist Traps on St. Maarten?

A Japanese couple was charged $480 for a simple lunch - in Rome, Italy (link). We are proud to report that this kind of rip-off would never happen in St. Maarten - St. Martin (as long as you check the price of the bottle of wine before you order)....

Where to Exercise and Stay Fit on Sint Maarten

To become a victim of Sand Gravity is a real danger to anyone visiting a Caribbean island and enjoying the beach. Latest, after one rum punch at noon in the tropical heat, all motivation to leave the lounge chair will be gone. The will to engage in...

Leisure Car Rental Wins World Travel Award

The island of St. Maarten - St. Martin is home to more than one hundred rental car companies - an ultra-competitive business environment for this industry. That's why it is so remarkable that one independent rental car provider wins year after year...

Caribbean Animals - Smarter Than You Think

You are touring the island of St. Maarten with a car you just picked up from Leisure Car Rental. Following a narrow thoroughfare, you notice two loose dogs on the side of the road, watching traffic with bored expressions. You slam on the brakes...

The King Comes: Hurry, Fill the Potholes!

Sint Maarten has a king. That makes the tiny southern half of the island a monarchy because it is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The king's name is Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, and occasionally, he and his wife, Queen...

More Awards for Leisure Car Rental

'Award Winning' rental car provider is an understatement if we are talking about Leisure Car Rental. Year after year, the company wins the prestigious gold medal at the World Travel Awards as St. Maarten's leading rental car operator for customer...

The Traffic Dilemma of St. Maarten

There is no denying: our island has a traffic problem. Part of the slow-moving traffic is caused by the sheer number of cars, more by the mediocre quality of roads and finally an amazing variety of driving skills. A permanent guarantee for traffic jams...

Satisfying the Needs of a Rental Car is Easy on Sint Maarten

The car rental fleet of Leisure Car Rental consists of sedans with very economic fuel consumption - except if you choose the larger SUV. Every few kilometers, the motorist will come across a gas station, on both the Dutch and the French side of the...

Traffic Rules on Sint Maarten - Saint Martin

You've decided to visit our island, and you are about to reserve a rental car for your trip. That's great and even better if you rent from us: Leisure Car Rental.In this article, we'd like to describe your driving experience on our Caribbean island a bit...

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The tiny island of Sint Maarten - Saint Martin represents two nations. That's why there are several police forces. Visitors from North America will notice that there is a less intrusive police presence on the island. Officers are trained to focus on...

An Island to Explore – Why St. Maarten Visitors Should Rent a Car

No other destination in the Lesser Antilles is better suited to be explored by rental car than St. Maarten. The Antillean islands share the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, similar topographies, and many have white-sand beaches. Sint Maarten –...

Talking to Experienced St. Maarten Travelers

Sometimes, getting information from an experienced traveler beats input from a resident. Living on an island like St. Maarten can cause blindness to the idiosyncrasies of local habits. That's why we talked to Janet and Mike, proud timeshare owners...

The Secrets of Grocery Shopping on Sint Maarten - Saint Martin

If you stay at a resort with a kitchenette in your room, you will be tempted to cook occasionally. Glad you decided to rent a car because now you can explore the amazing options for buying groceries on our island. Rule No. 1: if a supermarket is...